Watermelon Mint Salad

Light and refreshing, this may be the most interesting watermelon you’ll eat this summer.

Boston Cream Pie

Light cake layered with rich pastry cream and covered with chocolate ganache – while it’s not really a pie, it will likely leave your guests asking for seconds.

Broccoli Salad (Vegan)

This quick and easy side dish will be perfect for your next gathering – and your friends might not even realize it’s plant-based!

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Coronation Chicken Salad

A Yankee take on the British classic, this flavorful chicken salad is great in sandwiches or all on its own.

Sour Cream Peach Pie

This lush pie offers lightly spiced flavors and a rich crumble topping – perfect for your next summer gathering.

Peeling Peaches – the easy way

Removing the skin from a pile of peaches is no sweat when you use this simple method.

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